Want to Succeed On Linkedin?

You can collaborate with a supportive community of other writers on 30 breathtaking posts on LinkedIn with the help of the LinkedIn 30-Day Sprint.

Power Ful Community

A powerful community where that helps you grow, faster

Free Content Templates

We will provide with some good content, for few days to get you that pump and push to post on Linkedin

Weekly Meets

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Community On LinkedIn Can 10X Your Views

Did you know that if you get 5 comments within the first hour of publishing your post, your odds of going viral skyrocket?

We help facilitate this with a special channel in slack where we share our posts of the day.


Our Step-by-Step Process goes as follows

Here are some simple step which we go through, I promise you will see amazing hit in your reach, and growth on linkedin

1. Join the Group

Just use fill the form and you will get the mail, once you are worthy to join and if you are serious about your LinkedIn growth

3. Engage with content of your fellow mates

After posting makes sure you engage with the posts of your fellow creators so that you help them get reach and engagement. Also, you can learn from their posts and give critiques.

2. Post regularly and share you content

Make sure you post regularly, you can use templates, in case you don’t find any ideas. But try to keep up with the sprint

4. New secrets about linkedin and add power to your growth

We will make sure we will learn from each other and get that required growth, I will add lot of resources, automation tools, tools to organize and mange you content and a lot more

What do you get?

Nothing to worry it’s completely free, for now. Maybe if it is successful, I may end up making it a successful membership community, but now it will be free for next 2 to 3 months

Explosive growth on Linkedin

Simply put, the organic reach on LinkedIn is absolutely bonkers right now.  When we all engage with each other’s posts as a group, it’s easy to 5-10x our normal reach. That’s why we work in a cohort.

14 viral Linkedin post templates

You’ll get fourteen templates from viral LinkedIn posts as well.

These templates go word-by-word, line-by-line, and show you how to create your own post with the same structure and feel.
I also explain WHY these posts did so well so you can learn lessons that’ll guide you in the future.

Our Community Discord Channel

Get immediate access to our community Discord channel. Here you’ll share new posts, get access to post templates from me, and get to meet your fellow sprinters.