30 Day Linkedin Challenge

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” Here we invite you to challenge yourself to work on your Linkedin Growth

Breath Taking Community

Feeling Along on Linkedin? No Motivation?

You can collaborate with a supportive community of other creators on 30 breathtaking posts on LinkedIn with the help of the LinkedIn 30-Day Sprint. A group of top-tier LinkedIn creators that help one another out, offer guidance and help each other improve their profiles. 


Understanding How the Challenge Works

Did you know that your chances of going viral increase dramatically if you receive 5 comments within the first hour of publishing your post?

With the support of a dedicated Discord channel where we share our daily posts, we assist with this.

1. Join the Sprint and Get Access to the group

Just use fill out the form the and get access to the group, where everyone is part of this challenge ( don’t worry its completely free )

3. Engage with content of your fellow mates

After posting makes sure you engage with the posts of your fellow creators and give the necessary critiques and make sure your learn their perspectives as well

2. Post regularly and share you content

Make sure you post regularly ( you can use templates, in case you don’t find any ideas ) Try to keep up with the sprint. Share you content to get the critiques from your fellow challengers 

Track your results!! Regularly

Track the reach and engagement you get from every post ( and see the results for yourself ). We will make sure we will learn from each other and get that required growth, I will add a lot of resources, automation tools, tools to organize and manage your content, and a lot more.

Some Bonus perks

Bonus perks for being part of the challenge

As the part of the challenge get some amazing free perks, which helps you through out the challenge and helps you get better reach 

Notion Templates

Free Notion Templates for tracking and organizing 

We will provide you with some notion template, which helps your manage your content, your regular tasks and track your progress through the challenge

Post templates

15 viral post templates

You will get 15 viral post templates, which have proven records to be working. You can use them accordingly and get better at writing content 

Automation Tools

Amazing automation tools to make things easier

You will get, some amazing tools, which help you though the process of automating LinkedIn to some extent and get the desired growth


Connection and first message templates

You will get some amazing connection request templates, and templates to start first messages and build your network on LinkedIn


Our Approach

A simple strategy which will help you get the growth you want from linkedin

30 Day Sprint

A simple principle: Consistency beats planing, so just being consistent every day along with some new learnings can get you that growth


Improving constantly from the critiques of your fellow challengers, which help you get that initial engagement, which will help make LinkedIn push your content to more people and also you will learn from the constructive feedback you get everyday

Free Perks

These are like catalysts, with help of a lot of free tools, templates, and tricks. Your process with getting the needed acceleration. And help you get the results soon