It's Everywhere

Phone, Desktops,Laptops and Tablets (Windows and Android), it works on all your devices. It will be available soon for MAC and iOS


It's Powerful

A swipe of freedom to
1. Make phone calls
2. Send SMS
3. Open Apps
4. Search contacts

It even works from lockscreen

We realize that life is too short to press lock, swipe to unlock, search screen for the apps and tap on the app.So we built it so powerful that it even works from the lock screen


History of computers

Origin of Computers

Change in interaction - 30 years

30 Years of Interaction

It's Freedom

1. Computers is another species besides human on this planet that is evolving for the past 35 years.
2. Some Genius invented pointing device 30 years ago to interact with digital data.
3. Since then computers have changed a lot.
4. But interaction with these computing devices hasn't changed at all.
5. The only thing that is changed that we have moved from point and click to point and tap.

We built Gesturs™ to free you from ages old point and click technology and to give the command in your hands to operate the devices that you own like the way you want.

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